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 Recruitment requirements
Position: Head of Research and Development
Number of recruits: 1
Job requirements.
  1, bachelor's degree or above, fine chemicals, chemistry and other related majors.
  2、Have more than 5 years of experience in research and development and more than 2 years of management experience.
  3, familiar with technical management, proficient in product development management.
  4、Possess a strong sense of responsibility and good teamwork spirit.
Job responsibilities.
  1, according to the company's development goals and market demand to develop new products, specify new product development plan, control the entire product development progress and cost control.
  2、Technical optimization of the company's existing products to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise products.
  3、Responsible for the company's products and technical standards customization and control, the preparation of related information.
  4、To supervise and control the company's product research and development process to ensure that the research and development process meets the relevant technical quality requirements.
  5、Organize participation in new product trial production, small batch production, production process optimization and other work.
  6、Complete other work entrusted by the leadership.
The working hours for the above positions are: double rest, social security and provident fund.
Position: Research and Development Engineer
Job requirements.
  1、Age 30-45, bachelor's degree or above, majoring in chemistry and materials.
  2、5-7 years of experience in product development and application of wet electronic chemicals in TFT-LCD, IC semiconductor and other related industries.
  3. Have independent development capability and mature product application experience in wet electronic chemicals.
  4、Familiar with TFT-LCD, IC semiconductor related process technology is preferred.
  5、Strong literature search and analysis skills, good communication skills and forward-looking design and development thinking.
Job responsibilities.
  1、Responsible for TFT-LCD, IC semiconductor and other industries required for the development and application of electronic chemicals.
  2. Supervising the process of product transformation from R&D to production.
  3, responsible for the improvement of the product development system and the preparation of related information.
  4, responsible for the application of the product in the handling of exceptions.
  5、Complete other work entrusted by the leadership.
The working hours for the above positions are: double rest, social security and provident fund.
Position: Laboratory Technician
Number of recruits: 3
Job requirements.
  1、Chemistry-related majors, college degree or above, about 1 year of relevant work experience.
  2. Preference for chemical analysis and familiarity with conventional physical and chemical tests.
  3, skilled operation of moisture meter, GC, refractometer and other testing equipment.
  4, chemical industry QC work experience is preferred.
  5, able to work with the heart and mind, strong hands.
  6, office automation software skilled.
Job responsibilities.
  1、Responsible for quality control of incoming materials, process control, finished product shipment, and related product inspection in the process of outsourcing management.
  2. New product introduction test.
  3. Need to go to the site for sampling.
The working hours for the above positions are: double rest, social security and provident fund.
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