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The second session of the China ROK Summit on chemical regulation

Number of visits: Date:2012年11月13日 19:40

  The newspaper news (reporter Du Yin) Second China Korea Japan chemicals regulations summit recently held in Shanghai. The summit around the South Korea Japan and European Chemicals Registration and regulation, chemical risk assessment and registration strategy, management of hazardous chemicals, supply chain management and chemicals import and export supervision four thematic, in-depth exchanges and discussion, for the common chemical security in the Asia Pacific region and the sustainable development to build a good communication platform.

At this summit, the European Chemicals Agency files submitted and published information group of experts introduced 2013 EU REACH registration notice, registration dossiers assessment andrecommendations; Ministry of environmental protection Chinese registration center, the European Chemicals Agency, the Japanese Ministry of economy and South Korea Industrial TechnologyResearch Institute, Chinese officials and experts also respectively. Japan, Korea, Europe and the latest updates and the forthcoming chemicals policy made a special report; Japanese goods management association chairman and promote enterprises to share information in the description of chemical products and delivery methods; Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Shanghai also import and export inspection and supervision, inspection process, inspectionrequirements the supervision situation is introduced, and aiming at the practical problems encountered by enterprises is proposed.

It is reported that the summit by Hangzhou Rui Xu products Technology Co., Ltd., Korea chemical fusion test and Research Institute, Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry Co sponsored. From China, Japan and South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions, government officials, experts, business representatives, a total of more than 200participants. The summit also attracted including DuPont, BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical and a number of global top 500 enterprises to participate in.

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