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R & D Center



BOYANG CHEMICAL’sR & D center has a multi-level based on R & D team bachelor, master and doctor,and has the improved tability of independent research and development on the customized development of ultra-clean and ultra-pure chemicals and functional wet chemicals. the products are widely used and are suitable for advanced semiconductor packaging and testing, TFT, FPD, LED, crystalline solar energey and PCB.

The center has set up a provincial graduate workstation with East China University of Science and Technology, at the same time maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with the domestic universities and research institutions to provide strong technical support for the research and development of newtechniquesand new technologies.

BOYANG CHEMICALhas made efforts to build the company into a domestic leading and international first-class professional research and development enterprise in wet chemicals.






On the basis of the actual performance of BOYANG CHEMICAL the R&D management will be strengthened and the advantage of the close cooperation between Industry-Universities will be maximized.

This will lead to the development of more new types of chemical materials and the advanced services of the customers.