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        BOYANG CHEMICAL was established in the year 1999.

        The company is located in the high-tech-zone XU GUAN INDUSTRIAL PARK which covers an area of 40.000㎡.
        BOYANG CHEMICAL is a large scale company providing professtional chemical solutions for applications in the following industries: Electronics, Aerospace, Optical, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and related industries.
        BOYANG CHEMICAL has implemented R&D activities in order to secure the production processes according to internal tight specifications and the company practices strict documentation of the process paremeters. Furthermore the R&D offers process solutions on customer request if required.
        BOYANG CHEMICAL follows a strict environment protection procedure which refers to the consumption of raw materials, the consumption of energy, discharge of solid and liquid waste and emissions into the air.
        BOYANG CHEMICAL was listed on the NATIONAL SME TRANSFER SYSTEM in Novermber 2015 (STOCK CODE:834329).